Download Ledger for Mac Ledger is a famous, well-established French company supplying functional and secure solutions in blockchain and cryptocurrency to the international market. Now, one of the most wearable products of this brand is the Ledger hardware wallet, which was designed for offline storage of private access keys to digital currency.

As many customers report in their reviews: in principle, the USB device from Ledgers does not know how to hack physically; in case of theft or loss, it is completely protected from unauthorized use if you set a unique PIN code. It must first be used to access the purse; and in carrying out some operations, you will need to provide a particular phrase in 24 words.

Download and install the Ledger Live application to fully operate and use the features of Ledger crypto wallets on Mac, mobile devices, and iOS. New versions of it support working with more than 500 kinds of coins and tokens, and the list is constantly updating. It can be confirmed that, with today's progress, NFTs have become manageable even with the latest models from Ledger.

Benefits and Features

Indeed, the Ledger Live software for Mac is official software with a stable operation. Among other general features, there are the following advantages:

Supports all liquid and popular among investors cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, ZCash, NEO, and others. In other words, there is no more need to download and install your wallet for every coin you have.

The new mechanisms not only allow for the protection of personal data and the safe conduct of various kinds of transactions but also ensure maximum attention is accorded by developers.

WARNING! One of the basic operating principles in manufacturing all Ledger company products is security. In particular, hardware wallet developers are armed with the same chip used in bank cards. Under no conditions is it possible to extract private keys from the device; even the company representatives cannot have access to them. All transactions are made and confirmed in a secure environment by a unique PIN code.

Simple user interface: the branded application is designed in light colors, which do not interfere with the perception of information. All sections of the menu and settings are systematized, structured, and located in intuitive places. The dynamics of the balance status are reflected in real-time by a chart. In the software settings, it is possible to prescribe the ability to display account balances in fiat currency.

Portfolio of accounts: You can include all your accounts here as in various coins and accounts type. Account details are shown in the form of cards in a portfolio. In the card, it shows the current balance associated with the cryptocurrency and also in its equivalent fiat value.

This also allowed interoperability between Ledger Live and the other cryptocurrency wallets: Electrum, BitGo, Mycelium, Copay, and MyEherWallet, among others.

How to Download Ledger on Mac


Below are what you will need to download and install Ledger Live on Mac :

Ledger hardware wallet;

Any Apple desktop or notebook computer that meets these minimal system requirements:

USB charging cable for connecting the device. Sometimes, it may also require a separate USB-C adapter.

The installation algorithm of the Ledger on MAC:

Visit the developer's official website.

Download the Ledger app.

Double-click the uploaded file with a .dmg extension.

Wait for the installation, then open the program from Launchpad or Spotlight.

A message will appear on the display of the Mac depending on the version of MacOS. Click again on the "Open" button to bring the software to open.

How to Use Ledger Live with a Ledger Wallet: Step-by-Step Instructions

Its representatives recommend attending to the authenticity of the hardware device before undertaking any work using the cryptographic wallet. This needs to see the box's interior or whether it has been opened, and scrutinized for blemishes and the condition and state of the device.

Below are steps for setting up, enabling, and using the wallet on Mac with the Ledger Live application.

Step 1. Attach the wallet to your Mac via the USB wire included in the delivery. On the screen the device should pop up, delivering a message, "Press both buttons to begin." As the wallet has not been used before, select the answer: "Are you connecting your Ledger wallet for the first time?"

Step 2. Set a PIN code. To do this, you need to press two keys on the flash drive simultaneously, enter an 8-digit personal code, and confirm it.

Step 3: After setting the PIN, the recovery phrase of 24 words should be generated. The wallet generates phrases, and the user must only attentively and correctly write them down in the notepad.

Step 4: Now enter the written mnemonic recovery phrase. If everything is correct, followed by the number, you will have to choose the word corresponding to it. We wait for the hardware wallet to initialize.

Finally, the setup of the device is complete.

Step 5: The next important task to be done is installing and running the Ledger Live application. As you start the software for the first time, you need to have :

Choose "Initialize a new Ledger device".


Tell us your Ledger device model:.

Ensure the recovery phrase and PIN is set and written down.

Authenticate your wallet by using the function "Check Now." The display will show the message "Allow Ledger, manager." Accept that by clicking the right-hand button and waiting for the message "Your device is genuine."

Please enter your Ledger Live password.

This will complete the connection and linking of the wallet to the application.

Steps 6: Synchronize this in the Ledger Live app and the actual wallet of Ledger. To do the task, open the software interface and click on the option "Manager"—Right-click on the main menu. Read and click to check and connect to the manager. All items must be checked.

Now, you will see the Ledger Wallet Manager interface on your Mac screen. Here, you can refresh the firmware, add a new account, or cryptocurrency. You can use the Trash icon for each unwanted or mistakenly added coin.

How to Get or Send Cryptocurrency

To perform any financial transactions, the Ledger wallet must be synchronized with the application Ledger Live. Additionally:

Select Portfolio - Add Account.

Choose a cryptocurrency. Have it installed in advance using the Ledger Manager.

Just connect your Mac to the wallet, type the PIN code, and click on the icon of the desired cryptocurrency.

Add an account. Click "Receive" to collect digital coins and "Send" to send them. Pay attention to the fees. Fill out the information that is being required about the transaction and finish it. The payment is often immediately visible in the recipient's account. Contact the developer's support team with any questions or problems.