Ledger Download for PC

Ledger Download for PC offers ease in facilitating control of hardware wallets and digital assets. Users with physical Ledger devices will have to take the time to download and install proprietary applications.

Main Features of Ledger Live

Ledger Live is a popular, safe platform for the interactive management of a full range of digital assets on par with real-time cryptocurrencies. Strategic developer partnership also made possible the reception, purchase, or sending of cryptocurrency directly in the application using Coinify, MoonPay, and Wyre sources from almost any country in the world.

Download Ledger has a great list of popular cryptocurrencies in the market that it supports. Also, another essential benefit of this software is that it is available on all modern platforms.

Mobile devices: iOS (iOS 9 or later required) and Android (Android 7 or later) $

Windows 8, macOS 10.10, and mainstream Linux are the major operating systems in use. These are associated with cryptocurrencies, and friends can manage their assets from the environment above.

How to Install Ledger Download on Windows


To download and install Ledger Live on a Windows PC:

Go to the official Ledger website.

Download Ledger Live software to your computer.

Double-click on the downloaded file.

Click "Yes" to start the installation process of the software.

Wait for the installation to finish and click on "Finish.".

Installing Ledger on Your Linux PC

You can also download and install Ledger Live on your Linux PC using the command line.

How to Install Software Using the Command Line

Scroll down on the page with setup files to versions of software and download the current image for compatibility with the Linux OS.

Open up a terminal with a computer, and create a new directory for Ledger Live.

Move the downloaded image file named appimage into the created directory.

Get into the directory and add the +x permission for the AppImage file:.

Add and reload udev rules to allow access to the USB of the Ledger wallet.

Run the AppImage.

I was waiting for the operation to complete. This is the case when the Ledger Live application opens.

How To Use The Ledger Live App On Your PC

The Ledger Live application has a user-friendly interface with a desktop version for PCs, and it is easy to work with cryptocurrencies against the background of the well-known hardware wallets by Ledger. Unlike most other applications, where lots of the user's information would have to be put in, with Ledger Live, all that information remains with the user on his PC, and there is no logging-in done to run it. All a user needs to access his accounts and make transactions with the cryptocurrencies is a Ledger device and a PIN code.

To work with the application, prepare your Ledger Live physical wallet and download the software to your computer; further instructions are in several steps.

Step 1. Get Going

Open your Ledger Live. Click the "Proceed" command on the computer screen.

The following screen will appear when you are booting for the first time, and you will be requested to select a setup method for your device:

In this case, new private keys will be generated and accounts will be created.

Restore lost access to accounts with one particular phrase natured by 24 words, automatically created, and one-time usable. Such a phrase should contain information about the recoverable access to the account with the cryptocurrency stored on this account in the future.

If the device settings were set up earlier, you would pick those from the suggestions and click on the "Continue" button.

* Take note that you are unable to connect and synchronize your Ledger hardware cryptocurrency wallet with your Ledger Live application on your PC except through the USB cable it is packaged with.

2. Wallet creation


In the second step, right after the activation of the wallet, you should create your unique PIN code; it can count from 4 to 8 digits. The PIN code unlocks the device and confirms the transaction of cryptocurrencies. Make sure to save this phrase on your computer or in your notebook to be able to recover access to your digital assets in case of physical theft or loss of your device.

Follow the instructions given in the Ledger Live guide to configure your wallet. Once all those parameters are set, click on the "Continue" located in the application workspace.

Step 3: Security Recommendations

One of the most significant pros of the hardware and software products developed by the French developer Ledger is an unprecedented and uncompromising high level of security. Added to the application were a lot of tips and recommendations to protect the personal data of the user and exclude cases of theft of digital coins by attackers.

Make your cryptocurrencies secure.

Click on "Verify Now" to ensure your Ledger Live wallet is genuine.

It will absolutely just take a little while to confirm

Afterward, when the process is finalized, you should see the message scrolling on the wallet, which means the following: "Your device is genuine"; click the "Continue" button.

Take note that cryptographic proof is only given by original Ledger devices, and without it, one cannot connect to the super-secure server of Ledger Live.

Step 4. Set Password (Optional)

It is an optional feature to put a password when unlocking your computer application. Withal, it dramatically enhances the security of using a crypto wallet. It is, however, highly recommended to install the software with an already set password if different people use the computer.

The password setting algorithm is as follows:

Enter a unique password in the "New Password" field;

Re-enter your chosen combination of letters and numbers into the "Confirm Password" field;

Click on the "Continue" button.

But first, be sure there will be no issues entering your password in the future. To do so, save your file somewhere or write it in a notepad. Note: If you forget your password, you will have to install the application from the beginning and add all your accounts (this does not in any way affect your crypto assets).

If you don't want to create a password, click "Skip this step.".

Step 5: Analytics and Error Reporting

The Ledger team is trying its best to improve functionality and expand capabilities of its proprietary applications and wallets. With this, it collects anonymous information given the technical support service; its analysis allows to improve the quality of products and services. If you are not ready to share the requested information, then at any time, you can prohibit its sending within the Ledger Live settings. Here you have a choice in what kind of data to share:

Analytics: Checking the box will allow software developer enrichment in boosting user experience.

Reports on Errors: From here, you can report errors and failures that have occurred within the application automatically. This will help you improve the stability and reliability of the software.

You can ask technical support specialists on any topic from the "Help" tab by going into the settings in Ledger Live.


Crypto wallets from Ledger are justly regarded as the best solution by users when working and managing digital assets. All basic operations with coins and tokens are done within the proprietary application, which is simple and intuitive. The interaction of all the models of hardware wallets with desktop software goes without any hitch. The balance will be displayed, the dynamics of changes in the value of the crypto currency, and also ways of purchase and sale of funds along with transactions.